Tuff-Walls of Michigan


We can make any wall GRANITE TOUGH 

A penny will not scratch it


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Tuff-Wall is a unique resin based product that contains ceramic coated quartz, which will not fade. The baked on color penetrates deep into the quartz core. Tuff-Wall quartz content provides a dimensional, colorfast, and extremely hard surface that is abrasion and impact resistant. The exclusive bonding technology ensures solid adhesion and outstanding breathe-ability which guards against trapped moisture.

Tuff-wall is water based, safe, non toxic and cleans-up with water when installing.  It can be applied directly to wood, dry wall, concrete blocks, wood paneling or hard plastic. The water-based components are specifically engineered to give the product superior adhesion and flexibility. Rain, snow, ultraviolet light, intense summer heat and Michigan's bitter winter cold have no effect. 

Tuff-Wall allows the substrate to breathe naturally making Tuff-Wall resistant to mold and fungus.  There is no product sold today that matches Tuff-Wall's unique features.  Application is done with a trowel not a brush or roller.  Anyone can quickly learn to apply it.  Click here to watch the video.

Your Tuff-Wall order will be blended in our Mississippi factory after you order it to assure freshness.  It can be ordered in fifty standard colors and will arrive within two weeks of ordering.  Michigan customers can order today from  any of the authorized Michigan Tuff-Wall Dealers .

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